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Service Overview

Q: What is Sculpt4ever?

A: Started in 2011, Sculpt4ever is a pseudonym of the Taiwanese sculptor R.C. His internet mail-order business located in Taiwan was started in 2010 which ships his own unique sculpts to customers in any parts of the world. Since the artist does the sculpting for a living, he was struck hard when the bootleg companies illegally recasted his kits. Because continuous support from fans all over the world, he kept on sculpting and sharing his work.

Q: Just how low are Sculpt4ever's prices?

A: It depends on the item, but compared to the complexity of each garage kit and the unequalled talent of the sculptor, Sculpt4ever's prices
are generally 20-50% lower than comparable garage kits of most American and Japanese sculptors when converted into the local currency.

Q: How am I supposed to pay?

A: Sculpt4ever accepts PayPal for payment. It's just like shopping at any other e-commerce store! We will charge you in USD, and PayPal
will do the conversion to your local currency. For reference, we put a rough currency in Euro and TWD next to the price in USD.

Q: Isn't shipping going to cost a fortune and take forever?

A: Since shipping usually involves crossing one or more oceans, it naturally costs more than domestic mail-order. Airmail usually takes 2 weeks.
Sculpt4ever charges the actual shipping cost and combines all in-stock items ordered at once, so you only have to pay for shipping once.

Q: What about import duty and taxes?

A: For customers in the U.S., there is no import duty or taxes on hobby items. Customers in other countries will usually have to
pay some import duty and possibly other fees. Duty and fees vary greatly from country to country. Sculpt4ever is not responsible for
any taxes or fees a customer has to pay.

Q: How do I know what's in stock? Is everything listed on these pages always available?

A: While some of the items shown on our pages are almost always in stock, others are manufactured once every few months when the
pre-order number is reached, or even less frequently!

Q: Okay, how do I order?

A: It's easy! While browsing the product catalog, just click the "Add to Shopping Cart" buttons that you'll see on the product pages,
just like most other internet mail-order sites. When you've selected your final item, click on the "Checkout" button to
confirm your purchases, and then proceed to the check-out page. Before you get started, however, please read the Policies Page
carefully to make sure that you understand some of the details of how we operate to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Our Customer Service Policies

While most of what is written here is common sense, we ask that first-time customers please read through this to make sure that
you understand how we feel about important mail-order issues that may concern you, and some of the unique aspects of ordering from overseas.

Privacy: Your privacy is very important to us. Except for cases where we comply with a lawful demand for information by
law enforcement authorities, or attempt to secure relief in cases of customer fraud (such as credit card "chargebacks"), Sculpt4ever
will never disclose any personal information you provide us (such as your name, shipping address, e-mail address or telephone
number), or any information related to your purchase history with us to any third parties.

Returns & Refunds: Sculpt4ever always tries to describe the items listed on the page very accurately and the kits will be
packed carefully, so any damage caused during shipping is buyer's responsibility. Since all of our products have finest quality,
there won't be any quality issues and no returns are accepted. Please note that when a return is necessary because of a shipping
error, the cost of shipping the item(s) back to Taiwan is first your responsibility and we will compensate you for the shipping charges
to return the item to Taiwan if you ship the item as directed by us. All claims for returns must be made within 10 days of its delivery
to you. We reserve the right to reject claims of heavy damage in cases of obvious user abuse. Always consult with us for our instructions
before returning any merchandise, regardless of the reason.
If a product description is lacking or does not answer a question you have about an item, simply ask us! We're always happy to answer
any questions you have about products prior to your placing an order. Because of this, please understand that we will not pay for a
return of a kit simply because it was not what you expected. Ask us before you order if you have any doubts about what you're buying!

Shipping: We will process your order for shipping and combine shipping cost on multiple items within one order. You will find the shipping cost of your items during the checkout process. If you check out with in-stock and pre-order products in your shopping cart, we charge you
the shipping cost of the in-stock product and send it to you when the payment is received. When a pre-order product gets in stock, you
will be billed separately. It's not possible to reserve an in-stock product until the pre-order is available.

We will mark our packages as "gift" and define the original worth on the customs declaration to ensure that the good is insured at it's original worth
unless it's otherwise requested (please use the comment field during the Checkout procedure for this).

The final shipping costs are always 15 USD, no matter how much you purchase!

We believe that PayPal offers the fastest, safest and most convenient way to pay for purchases you make on the Internet. What's more,
if you set up a billing agreement with PayPal, you'll only need to visit their site once in order to pay for all your current and future
orders with us through your credit card or bank account.
At checkout, simply designate PayPal as your payment method (pre-selected). If you don't have a PayPal account yet, you can set one up immediately.

Problem Resolution: Sculpt4ever is committed to customer service and will promptly address any customer claims of shipping errors,
damage, defects, missing items, etc. if we are contacted within 10 days of delivery. Because we're committed to helping you, under
no circumstances should you ever contact your credit card company or PayPal to dispute charges from Sculpt4ever, particularly without contacting
us first. We will solve all genuine customer service problems through refunds, reshipments, discounts or whatever else it takes to reach a
fair solution to the problem, and that's our promise! But it's your job to tell us a problem has occurred. As such, not only will we vigorously
contest any credit card "chargebacks" (refusals to pay) filed by customers or complaints with PayPal, but such customers may be blacklisted from
using our service, meaning we will accept no further orders from them, ever. We also share information about blacklisted customers with other
online merchants offering similar merchandise.

Product Availability

In order to give our customers a good idea about their chances to acquire a particular product, we assign a "Production Status" code to every item in our catalog.
Those codes are: Coming Soon!, In-Stock, Pre-Order, Out-of-Stock and Out-of-Production.

Coming Soon! means that the product is in the final stages of sculpting or casting and almost ready for preorders or direct sale.

In-Stock means a product is available and ready to ship.

Pre-Order means that a product needs a few more orders to get produced (again) and will afterwards get in-stock. When you wishlist the kit, you will be put on the
pre-order waiting list. After the amount of pre-orders we need is met (usually 10-15), you will be asked to send the payment first. The production of a kit then takes about
4 weeks and you will be notified when we shipped the kit to you.

Out-of-Stock means that the product has been sold out and is temporarily unavailable for preorders.

Out-of-Production means that the product is no longer available.

What this all boils down to is "first-come, first-served." It's never a bad idea to order something as soon as you hear about its release.

Happy shopping!

How to Contact Us

Before you send e-mail to Sculpt4ever, please read our Policies page. The answers to the majority of the questions that customers send us are
explained here. Because of the volume of mail we receive, questions about items explained in the policies will be answered after other mail.
Please, take the time to read the policies!

Please note that we get a lot of e-mails, and no matter how hard we try, next-day replies are not always possible. Keep in mind that we
only answer mail on business days, so messages that reach us late Friday or on weekends may not be answered until early the next week
(and please keep in mind that depending on where you are in the world, it may be already the weekend in Taiwan when you write to us, Taiwan is +08:00 GMT).
Though it may take a few days, we do answer all e-mail sent to us about problems or questions not answered in our policies. Thanks for your patience and understanding on this!

xoiilxAThotmail.com (Please replace AT with @)

Sculpt4ever - R.C.